The Lesson: Last week marked the passing of a cultural icon–Mr. Stan Lee. What I find incredible about his life is that he was a success because he understood his genius emanated from his creativity, not his business prowess. Tapping into your ability to do instead of focusing on what you can’t is how you move the needle towards being more “youier.” If you struggle with accepting your crazy dream, you’re not alone. However, crazy dreams are the stuff of which legacies and legends are built.
If you desire to write, then write!
What about singing or dancing? What about buying a home, completing your degree or being knighted? What about becoming a world-class photographer on a budget? It’s never easy to step out of the shadows and do something no one else has done before or at least something you haven’t done before. I challenge everyone reading this post to either step out of the boat and work your dreams or lend your support to someone else pursuing theirs. Sometimes the best expression of the gift of altruism is acting on your awareness that someone needs YOU to bless them. Blessing and supporting someone can take the form of praying for them, encouraging them verbally or helping finance their operation. Your act of selflessness might be what the game’s been missing. Excelsior!
This post is inspired by my son-in-law Malik Ellis. He is truly embracing his calling and moving ever-upward! Malik, commit your work to the Lord and he will establish you-Proverbs 16:3.